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Tori Amos: Soul Searching And Uncensored

Tori Amos: Soul Searching and Uncensored contains an new Back Story, also My Spirit Walk With Tori Amos, a 3,5000 word fragment of memoir about how meeting Tori Amos changed the author's life and it includes the complete unexpurgated, sometimes to to 8,000 word texts of four of the most in-depth and provocative and personal...
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David Norris: Trail By Media

David Norris was elected as in Irish Senator in 1987. In March 2011, he put himself forward as a nominee to become President of Ireland. Two months later, the Senator was mired in a controversy caused by the reappearance of two interviews, which he had given and that threatened to derail his...
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Bob Geldof: The Joe Jackson Interviews Plus

Live Aid mastermind Bob Geldof once told his fellow Irishman and journalist Joe Jackson he would never update his 1986 autobiography Is That It. Joe Jackson now suggests that "in ways the two interviews, each roughly 10,000 words long, and two thirds of which has never been previously published, from 1989 and 2001, that make...
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