Troubled Voices – Northern Ireland 1987-2001

Troubled Voices. Northern Ireland 1987-2001. Published July 7th 2013

In August 1988, Deaglan De Bradun, political correspondent of The Irish Times, wrote that a national Irish magazine was “noted for its probing interviews conducted by Joe Jackson.” This assertion was based, in part, on Jackson’s recent, nearly 8,000 word, in depth, Q & A interview with Danny Morrison, Publicity Director of Sinn Fein – an interview Jackson himself describes as resembling a “fifteen round fight.”

Two weeks later, taking his cue from the Hume-Adams talks that were talking place at the time, in an effort to bring some form of peaceful reconciliation to the Troubles in Northern Ireland, Jackson decided to interview, as a follow-up, “some from the Unionist side” and choose Ken Maginnis, a member of the Ulster Unionist Party. He also consciously set out to try to get Maginnis to, “talk with Morrison” by proxy by asking him to respond to specific quotes from the previous political interview.

However it was only when Maginnis insited that he would never talk to Gerry Adams or Morrison and refereed to both, collectively, as “the devil” that Jackson made a decision to interview as many “key players in relation to Northern Ireland” with the aim of adding, in his own, “admittedly small way” to the debate. He also interviewed cultural figures such as Christy Moore, Paul Durcan, Eamon Dunphy, about their views on the North. Those interviews took place over a fifteen-year period and are included in two volumes titled, Troubled Voices. Northern Ireland. 1987-2001. This is volume one.

Troubled Voices. Northern Ireland 1987-2001. Published July 7th 2013

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