The Louis Walsh Factor

Irish journalist Joe Jackson has conducted “some of the best print interviews, ever” with Louis Walsh and all of his top music acts from Johnny Logan in 1988 to Jedward in 2011. So Louis Walsh has often told the author of this book, who Walsh also choose in 1996, to write the ‘first official book on Boyzone” and which was called Boyzone Our Story.

Now Joe Jackson has gathered together all his Louis Walsh related articles, from newspapers and rock magazines for the first time. He also “edited down or added to” many of the original articles and includes in this book from thirty hours of tapes sections he calls “Out Takes’ all of which have never been published. “This couldn’t be be an authorised book, because it isn’t the story as most of the players might want it told. But it is truthful and based on my 25 year association with Louis and his acts” says Jackson.

The author also points out that most of the original articles and interviews “were not published outside of Ireland and suggests, therefore, that this “is Louis Walsh, Boyzone, Westlie and Jedward like most people have never seen them before, unsanitised, uncensored, more close up and personal than ever.”

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