Nanci Griffith’s Other Voices

Nanci Griffith’s distinct blend of pop, rockabilly, and folk has made her one of the most respected, popular, and loved singer-songwriters working today. Having released fourteen of her own critically acclaimed albums as well as recording countless guest appearances on other artists’ albums and contributing to film scores, Nanci creates music that has taken root all over the world–her melodies and lyrics resonating wherever they are heard. The Grammy award-winning album Other Voices, Other Rooms–one of the most successful albums of contemporary folk music ever–marked a watershed moment in Nanci Griffith’s career. Not only is it her sole album of cover songs, but it is also a seamless blend of tradition, collaboration, and innovation. The follow-up album, Other Voices, Too: A Trip Back to Bountiful, continues that tradition of passing on other writers’ work and presenting folk music as a vital force in today’s music.

Go behind the scenes with Nanci Griffith and listen in on a very special conversation with Joe Jackson, an acclaimed music journalist, as they explore the roots and inspiration for Nanci’s extraordinary career and trace the history of the folk music movement.

This book is a guide to Nanci’s trip back to bountiful–to the place where inspiration springs freely. With more than one hundred behind-the-scenes photographs and candid interviews with Nanci and her collaborators, including John Lomax III, Emmylou Harris, Dave Van Ronk, Pete Seeger, Odetta, the members of the Blue Moon Orchestra, and many, many others, this book offers a rare glimpse into the artistic heart and soul of one of this country’s greatest musical treasures: Nanci Griffith.

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