Eamon Dunphy Unleashed

In 1996 Irish Times journalist Joe Jackson did what is widely regarded as the definitive,  in-depth, eleven hour interview with U2 biographer, author, former footballer, sports commentator and columnist Eamon Dunphy. It also was described as one of Jackson’s most memorable interviews by The Sunday Times and created a media storm in Ireland.

This book contains the full text of the entire interview, including a cut and/or censored 1,669 word discussion of U2, plus much previously unpublished material from that interview. It also contains a follow up interview, from 2000, reflecting, in part, on the repercussions of the first interview, a Joe Jackson Files article from 2010 on Dunphy and a brand new preface, written in December 2012. The author describes the book as “practically Dunphy’s memoir, in his own words, and certainly a psycho-sexual study of the guy we Irish like to call “Eamo”.

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