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Hi,    Hi, Joe Jackson here, November 1st 2013, welcome. I am currently building this website and have returned to journalism after taking along break, for personal reasons, and during which time I focused more on exploring the world of digital publishing, as I explain in my 'Going Global' article on the 'News' page of...
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Gabriel Byrne 1988 talks about religion and his sexuality

Here from Gabriel Byrne: The Joe Jackson Interviews Plus -available as a Kindle EBook from and from Smashwords, Apple bookstores, Barnes and Noble etc – is part of what Gabriel called his “first totally honest and soul baring interview” in 1988. The Irish actor talks for the first time in public about how being in a seminary, and the legacy of Roman Catholicism, during his early years, screwed up his sexuality for years, including his view of women. Two Irishmen cutting to the core, great chat.

Bob Geldof attacks Irish Journalist Joe Jackson

This is an audio clip from one of the major interviews I did with Bob that make up The Joe Jackson Interviews Plus Ebook you can get from Amazon, in Apple bookstores etc. Later during the interview (clip is also on YouTube) he’d acknowledge I know him well enough – the Back Story in the book tells of how I knew him as a kid – to have hit the truth about the hollow in his soul. But here he tears into me re my questions about the death of Paula Yates. Great fun